Sonoma, kevin koski photo

Sonoma, located right behind the Capital, on Penn Ave., is a required DC culinary landmark. I had the pleasure of working with them on some advertising shots about a year ago, and to this day, whenever the ultimate question of “where should we go out to eat tonite?” enters the fray, ultimately without fail, Sonoma tops the list of choices. And sure, they’re known for their extensive wine list, and dozens of them by the glass, but secretly, the real reason to visit this Capital Hill hangout, is their charcuterie board. Goodness, that’s one of the things that has changed the way I serve guests when they come over.

Sonoma, Culinary Creativity at it’s most finest. I’d suggest going over early this evening, and then as the sun goes down, pay for your meal, walk over towards the capital and really enjoy what some of us take for granted, but is truly the best that DC has to offer.