Jazz in the park, kevinkoskiphoto

As August rolls into town, (and as town rolls out of itself) those of us without our house on Cape Cod, or the Hamptons, or even the Eastern Shore, have to find ways to keep ourselves occupied during the “dog days”. Sure there are swanky new hangouts always starting up, and what have you, but it’s summer! You should be outside, enjoying life, and listening to jazz. (At least that’s my take on summer.) Well, if you have any time this evening, check out the National Gallery of Art’s ‘Jazz in The Garden’. Every Friday at the NGA, (4th and Constitution NW) there’s an open air concert of various jazz musicians. There’s also food and beverages sold as well. So if you’re looking for someplace to hangout while you wait for that 1-2 hour wait at that hot new downtown restaurant, head on down to the NGA. And who cares if you don’t have a pool in your Bethesda mansion? You can stick your feet into the NGA’s wading pool and cool your heels in the warm August nights.