So you love your myspace page, and you love the “social networking” it allows you. You like the idea of putting yourself out there in the world wide web, but you feel that that page, and just a few pictures and one song just don’t do you justice. How about trying PROJECT PLAYLIST? This website allows you to search for multiple songs, and put them on either a myspace/facebook/blog/etc, and entertain the masses, seeing your pages and sites, for days! …Or at least for a number of minutes. And even if you aren’t looking to update your internet presence, it allows you to preview and listen to an entire song for free, just in case you really want to hear “Peg” by Steely Dan, but you really, really don’t want to pay for it. It also serves as a fun way to pass the time in that boring cubicle you’ve been sitting in all day. Enjoy, and click the “Launch Standalone Player” below and enjoy my playlist, perfect background music for reading the latest DISTRICT CREATIVES, in your inbox tomorrow!