Band of Horses
Band of Horses at the
9:30 Club

Usually a band’s freshman album is like making an investment—you can see the group’s potential, but it’s shrouded in off-harmonizing, incongruous song progression, and rampant experimentation in the hopes of finding a unified voice. So, like a stock, you hold onto that band and wait for your investment to mature. If you’re not a gambling lass, go to the 9:30 Club on Tuesday night to catch Band of Horses. Yes, they’re yet another West coast indie band (they hail from Seattle), and every critic can’t help but compare them to My Morning Jacket, but make no mistake—they’re so much more. Galvanized harmonies off their premiere album Everything All the Time are stunning. “Great Salt Lake” and “St. Augustine” (that latter—and this is a stretch—sounding a bit like Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young’s melodies) are evidence that the band is willing to push their limitations without allowing their aspirations to usurp their musical instinct. The songs are not uplifting by any means, but still beautiful. And if they’re half as powerful live as they are on the album, those who are willing to invest $15 are in for a big payoff. — By Marjorie Korn