kate, kevinkoskiPHOTO
Stories of models and super models being found in shopping malls, supermarkets, and Wal-Mart parking lots amuse me. Partially because I think that “Hey, I’m a talent scout… you could be a model!” is one of the creepiest lines ever used. And partially, because I know the work and creativity that goes into actually working hard and becoming a top notch model in the industry. This is why I’d like to showcase an unsigned model that I’ve worked with in the past, by the name of Kate. Kate’s been working on and off in the industry for 6 years, and has great runway and print experience, yet she’s yet to be signed by a (respectable) agency. She brings energy to each set I’ve dealt with her on, and she’s got presence in almost every frame. She is truly a DC Creative. If anyone is looking for a model for either their advertising or agency, please contact kevin.koski@gmail.com.

PS. I am not picking on models found in shopping malls. In fact, I’d love to work with “them”. If they are still in the DC area, “they” can also contact me at the above mentioned email address. : )