Most times, when an indie band is dropped from it’s label, the bandmates move on to other, shall we say, “more productive” means of society. Rarely, they seek refuge giving it one more try, and sledom are they ever talented enough to get resigned and release an even better sophomore effort. You’ve just read the bio for The Format, a band coming to the area (9:30 Club, August 25, 9pm) for the first time, next week. I have no idea how I stumbled upon this band, but several years ago, I heard the CD, and got a copy. Truthfully, it may have been a free iTunes Download, and a $7.99 price that got me into them. I digress, their first album was a cute, poppy rock album that played off the stereotype of bands at the time, calling themselves “The Format” and titling their first single… well, “The First Single”. All that cuteness payed off… in getting dropped from Electra Records after the company folded.

Their follow-up record had to wait more than 2 years, and when it came out, I again gave it a spin, and was pleasantly surprised to hear new melodies that I not only hadn’t heard on the first record, but things I hadn’t heard since Queen and early Elton John records. They layer their pop sounds with orchestral movements, 3-part-harmonies, and witty lyrics that are hard to find in today’s cookie cutter pop landscape. They follow trends of the day, and could be considered an “emo” band, but at the same time, you would have to also label them a “rock” band, an “alternative” band, and a “neu wave meets baroque pop” band.

Enough about my ranting and raving. They’ll be at 9:30 Club next Friday, and if you want to hear a creative, hard rocking… um, “pop” band, check them out. If you haven’t got the time, check out their MySpace page, for free. -kk