Thomas Rimes, kevinkoskiPHOTO

John Williams meets RL Burnside. Two different men, two contrasting styles and genres, (Classical, Memphis Blues) and two areas of expertise for Thomas Rimes.

Born in Fiji, raised in Tasmania, matured in Australia, educated at U of Memphis, employed in Rome, New York City, Germany, Monte Carlo, and currently living right here in Washington DC, to say that Mr. Rimes has been able to experience a variety of cultures, would probably be an understatement. Currently, he is conducting and performing various concerts, (all information availible on his website). In addition, in March 2006, he finished writing his first full-length opera entitled “Long Ride Home”.

And did i mention he’s also quite the accomplished blues guitar player? Thomas Rimes is quite the rarity, but we should definitely take advantage of every and all of his creative arts, in whichever avenue they may presented to us. For more information about Tom Rimes, please visit his website, or The Kennedy Center, and check out a possible classical legend before he hits the big time.