Mike Weber, kevinkoskiPHOTO

“An artist, working for artists” is the first line in the ‘about’
section for Mike Weber’s homepage. What a novel idea… someone should
start a website

For the better part of this decade, DC based artist and entrepreneur
Mike Weber has been creating, buying, selling, building, cooking, and
just about everything else one can to keep themselves occupied in the
field of art. His eyes and aesthetic assistance have been utilized by
celebrities, politicians, and collectors, to try to make their homes,
offices, and lives, that much more beautiful. He works with and
represents artists from around the globe, and is himself an award
winning artist and mixed media mogul, having spent much of his earlier
career working in the print and broadcast medium. The man wasn’t
finished though, as he fueled his creative downtime with opening a shop
and restaurant on the newly resurgent U-Street corridor, Simply Home with
Co-Owner Sak Pollert of Rice Restaurant. In keeping with the theme,
it’s a place that’s been recognized as one “where creatives like to
dine…” Truly one of Washington’s distinctly creative people, Mike
Weber is proof that with hard work, a great mind, and some amazing

pieces of original artwork, you too, can be an artist in this town, and do
what you love to do for a living. It’s inspiring, actually.” -kk