Locally based Sidori Dan-Perry has been creating amazing cosmetic landscapes for as long as she can remember. Born into art, and self-taught, she frequently would dream of painting beautiful pieces of artwork when she was younger, but unfortunately, (according to her, and so many of the rest of us here…) it wasn’t paying the bills. That was, until she decided that her new canvas would be people. She hit the ground running and her amazing and imaginative collaborations with local photographers have given her an amazing amount of credibility in the area. She’s even now taking her career one step further, by commanding and directing all of the fashion, beauty, and editorial in the new upstart ME/ME2 Magazine, based in Beverly Hills.

Sidori Dan-Perry is the definition of a “district creative”, and I am pleased to show her talents, and skills. Further proof that DC is a creative town. (I knew it!) -kk