Impressively, and slowly but surely, the world is going to be dominated by the artistic stylings of three gentlemen from Washington DC, all with the last name “Brodie”. Mark my words…

Whether it’s the wonderfully talented photographic stylings of Photographer Don Brodie, (whom has recently moved to New York City but still has connections here in the District) or the uber-talented young filmmaker Ron Brodie, (who’s talents include, but are not limited to – Treatment’s * Music Videos * Short Film * Feature Film * Spot Commercials * Video/ Film / Photo Editing * more!) the Brodie boys have you covered. …Until you realized that there’s no one to DJ the premier of your movie that has been shot by Ron, and still framed by Don. That is where the sonic sounds of DJ Winterman, aka Munair (you guessed it!) Brodie come in. A popular east coast staple, Winterman has been filling clubs and keeping people moving with everything from drum & bass, to dancehall reggae, to amazing contemporary mashup work.

Big things indeed. These three men embody the spirit that makes sites like District Creatives keep going.