Some people on are illustrators. Some are web designers. Some still are graphic designers who dabble in poetry, and one-of a kind art books. Stephanie deSocio is all of the above, and her brilliant and vivid imagery is what happens when creative worlds collide.

Currently employed at a small studio as a graphic designer, Stephanie is also the co-editor, designer / illustrator of a DC-based arts “Zine” called Gentle Graffiti. Gentle Graffiti is a collaborative project combining the contributions of illustrators, painters, print-makers, photographers and poets. The Zine, (and the “movement, it would seem) has also gained an online presence via the blog with contributions from Alison Scheck, Ross McDermott and Lex Robertson.

Her passion though, and her acceleration in the field of art, lies in her hand bound book-making. She creates one-of-a-kind artist books and blank tablets with everyday items such as papers, recycled materials, an old typewriter, hand lettering / illustration and various found objects. Often times her books are thematic, or based on one particular element; whether it be a poem or some other piece of writing / music. The attention to detail has to be seen to be believed, but the love for the craft and the finished product is all there in her website.

The latest production, Gentle Graffiti Number 3; (a collaboration with co-editior Alison Schreck) was released on September 1, 2007, and can be found online or at various local Zine events. This weekend, Gentle Graffiti will be tabling at the Fuzz event in Charlottesville, VA., and if you have some time and a passion to view really creative talent, take a jaunt down the road and check out another one of the District’s Creatives. -kk