Ok, so I’ve tried to come up with a review for Yoko K. for the past week, and let’s just say that it’s not working out as planned. It’s completely my own fault though, as I’ve not yet found the words to describe her amazing organic, sonic landscapes. It’s almost like the numerous times where you walk into a club or restaurant, or a gallery or party, and you hear certain music, and in that space in time, it just all sounds “right”. Does anyone know what I mean? It’s when someone puts on a specific song, and in that moment, everything clicks. Well, that’s what Yoko K’s music has been doing to me for the past week, and because of this feeling, I’ve been slacking on her writeup. Barkeep… A round of apologies, on me.

Yoko’s been making music from an early age, and she’s been winning awards about as long. She’s worked with some of DC’s finest contemporaries, and has played some of the city’s finer upscale venues. She makes entrancing hypnotic landscapes and creates emotion and mood with her sonic talents. She puts you in a certain mood, similar to the one I mentioned above, and I am more than happy to put her amongst the growing list of people included in this little project called District Creatives. There’s more that you can learn about Yoko K. on her website and myspace page, so check her out!