Let’s see what they’re out of… Hmm… No trendy DJ tonite. No jet-set lounge. No specialty martinis. No smoke machines. (Ok, I’m not sure on that last one)

Let’s take count on what they DO have… Ok… An albino raccoon! Over 500 exotic/weird/odd/strange/amazing/crazy artifacts from around the globe! A rich and wonderful tradition of Baltimore’s Dime Museum, kept alive by James Taylor! The raciest Side-Show, Burlesque, Circus, Vaudeville and Odd-Ball acts performing today! Tonight’s special is a game show called “Go To Hell!”

At some point in time, if you live in Washington DC, you MUST go to H. St. NE, and visit this place. It is one of the few places in this city that actually lives up to it’s name, and is a wonderful and amazing trip into a sideshow/circus that most people believed never existed, and has to be seen to be believed. -kk