Along with local tattoo legend Chad Koeplinger (more on Chad this week) , Nikki Lugo and others, have been putting the their art and ink on all sorts of characters in the DC area. Along with her proud New York accent, Nikki has a tremendous eye for the classic, “Sailor Jerry-type/classic/traditional” of work, and she splits time between the Adams Morgan location, and the Wheaton, MD shop.  When I showed up last week, she was working on a huge piece for Casey Crawford, a Howard Univ. design major senior with an emerging clothing line.  (Also, more on him later this week too.) Nikki, one of DC’s few female tattoo artists, had just finished drawing the work up on Casey when I had come in, and by the time I was through shooting and talking, she was getting the ink to skin, and working on his next piece, which by no means was his first.  I’m always intrigued by tattoo artists, because it’s such a commitment to the craft and lifestyle, to create permanent and lasting marks on total strangers.  It’s an impressive and powerful medium, and I am glad to have Nikki, and others from this community, included in district creatives. 

Now, about my next tattoo…