“Animal Farm” – Matt Sesow, 2007

I’ll admit it. I always wanted to be a famous painter. They were always the super-sensitive types in art school, the ones who could play more than 3 chords of a Dave Matthews song on the guitar, and the ones who always, always got the hot girls. I envied them, and tried my hand at painting once, and every now and again I will pick a brush up and attempt to be the ultimate artists and “paint!”, but let’s admit it – My works are amateurish at best. But I love them, and though I’ll never admit that my paintings were “bad”, they couldn’t ever, ever, EVER hold a candle to Matt Sesow’s work. (YouTube Bio)

Working as an artist here in DC for the better part of the last decade, I spoke, via email with Matt this past week, and asked him what his feelings were, about being a creative type, working and making a living here in Washington, and this is what he had to say…

“I feel especially privileged (creatively, etc.) to be a painter in DC. For my style of painting, living in what many consider the most influential city in the world offers a unique set of opportunities. I enjoy the challenge of representing the times I’m living in through my paintings. I try to bring my personal experiences and raw style of painting to the canvas with as much expression as possible. I’m not happy with every painting I complete, but some days it’s the process of painting that makes me happier than the end result. My hope is to go on creating emotionally charged works for the rest of my life. Since starting in 1994, and going “full-time” in 2001, I estimate I’ve created over 5,000 unique paintings. Anybody wanting to visit my Adams Morgan studio to see the work up close is welcome. Please email or call me to make a reservation. Thanks for looking.” -Matt Sesow

This is the reason I started this website, and will continue to do so. It’s people like Matt, who work hard, and are making a difference in the way people think of DC’s art scene. He’s another stellar addition to the growing list of District Creatives, and I’m proud and honored to have him profiled. -kk