Andre Wells, Copyright kevinkoskiPHOTO |

Andre Wells is like a great movie director. When your with him, you get transported to his world, completely constructed by his ideas and thoughts, and the hours you spend with him in this environment, is something that leaves you satisfied, yet still wanting more.

Known for his amazing conceptual events and over-the-top parties and weddings, Andre is this city’s premier event planner. With a client base that includes pro athletes, top political figures, every glossy magazine in the city, and many, many more, Wells is proving that his style of over-the-top attention to detail, and complete and total experience is something that is working here in DC, and that finally, people in this city are becoming hip to the notion that it’s OK to do things a little different. Every event that Wells undertakes is a unique experience and I caught up with him last week at Leopolds, right after he had come from an event of his, held at Cafe Milano. I was blown away to hear the way he approaches planning events, is not unlike the way another artist paints his canvas, or photographer or director sets up his or her shoot. He sees the whole planning as his own personal canvas, and says that there’s only one shot at making something great. While we were talking and taking pictures over on Key Bridge, he noticed my electric scooter, and started asking me questions about it. (And eventually, took a ride) I asked him for an example of how he would approach planning an event, let’s say for the launch of the scooter, here in DC and he dove right in, giving me details that made me wish I had the money to actually do something like that. But that’s the way that he operates. Every event, every detail, right down to the smallest centimeter of fabric on the curtains, is a stone that needs to be overturned. Every person should be in the right place, and Wells has a vision, from the start of his events, to the ultimate completion, which is carried out with perfection and imagination. The man is simply the best at what he does, and is so because he’s not afraid to do things his way, because, as time and clients have shown, it’s usually the best and most creative way to do things. I am more than pleased to have Andre on board with this District Creatives project and I welcome him because I believe he’s an integral member of this artists community. For more images from this wonderfully casual shoot with Andre, click here. And for more information about Events by Andre Wells, call or visit his website.  -kk