Ever find a shirt, or any article of clothing for that matter, that you liked, and you decided that you were going to wear that sucker every chance you got, because it was from a British designer and it just oozed cool? Yea, well Marshall Thomson has made that credo into a living and an ultra-cool store in Georgetown, called “The District Line”, and he wants you to check out how cool he, and the store is.

Blending in amongst the larger (chain) stores on Wisconsin Ave, Thomson has made the former Turi bag store into a den of anglophile-y goodness. Besides being more interesting and inviting than a majority of bars and clubs along that same strip, the team Thomson worked with creatively turned the interiors into a comfortable and extraordinary shopping experience. And oh yea, he sells clothes… Actually, he sells clothes you can rarely get in this town, much less this country. And as a bonus, he sells new and established British only designers who are coming up with some great creative Britannica imagery.

In addition to finalizing the store’s online launch in the next few weeks (stay posed to districtcreatives.com for updates!) Marshall is a well-connected cog in the wheel of DC’s art and creative scene, with friends associated with the Transformer gallery, DC United, and the DC’s Improv theatre, and is always a great reference for all things art and culture in this town. So, check out the store, check out the man behind the ideas, and hop the tube to Washington’s newest highbrow boutique. Oh, and try to find the changing rooms… -kk