If anyone has any connections to Tom Waits, The Beach Boys, or PT Barnum, please forward your information to Anthony Dihle. His great style of silkscreen printing artwork awaits…

For a few years now, Dihle has taken his side project of silkscreen printing and made it into a wonderful little 2nd career. Sure, like all of us artists, he also has a “real” job, working for a architecture firm in Bethesda, MD, but his prints and collaborations with local and national recording artists are beautiful, stylized works of art, unto themselves. Influenced by but not limited to, RISD, old nintendo, toaster design, science, people, music, and “Fort Thunder”, in Providence, Dihle has made posters for such local artists as Alec Gross, The Bonapartes, and Greenland, and has also lent his talents to national bands such as The Shins and more. And he does it for fun! Claiming that he probably wouldn’t want to do it full time, as it is such a joy to him, (and citing the ‘ice cream taster job-arguement’) he says that he gets a sense of satisfaction out of working with the artists and other creative people to come up with a concept, and he would like to work more with them. And why not? His prints are exquisite works of art alone, and they bring together a complete picture of creation when paired with the singer or the song. Anthony is just another in a growing list of tremendously talented people living and working here in DC. For more on Anthony Dihle and his company see the optional excerpt.

Ok, so here’s the deal. That top part is the “real” background. This bottom part, is my suck-up-ramblings of what this guy does… Ok, whenever I’ve worked with a recording artist, or with a client on a photoshoot, I tend to cater to their whims and needs and come up with a concept that suits the needs of all parties. I am not sure how Anthony does it, but the stuff that this guy is printing is the top of the charts. (God, that was a horrible play on words) He’s making these concert posters that evoke the same kind of “total experience” feeling that used to be associated with concerts, and making it his own. They have this sort-of nouveau-pop-post-modern feel to them though, in the way that the fonts are selected, colours are chosen, and the layout is cast. This is why I was cooing over them in the upper paragraph. They’re like mini-Warholian prints/concert posters, without being too pretentious or upper crusty-artsy. Personally, I feel that it’s people like Anthony, who are going to help bring DC in the next 10-15 years, to the forefront of the arts and creative culture world. So there. -kk