And with a commanding presence, similar to an Andre Leon Talley, I had the pleasure of meeting up this week, with one of Washington’s premier fashion photographers, Anton Papich.

For the better part of the last 6 years, the leading name in creative DC fashion photography has been Papich. For magazine editors, models, designers, high-end boutiques, and more, if you wanted an elaborate, amazing shot and concept, you contacted Anton + Prehn. He has worked with some of DC’s elite and has helped, in my estimation, elevate the landscape of the possibility of what “can be done”, in this city. While lately, the lure of larger, more international, more grandiose shoots take him to his other base, (NYC, a few days a week) he believes Washington is right on the cusp of turning the corner and becoming a major art hub for the nation. Little by little, he sees people, publications, and print campaigns start to take more chances, and while it’s going to take time, he’s trying to do his part, with his work, in the hopes of making that metamorphosis. He’s seen these changes in only the past 6 years, and hopes that the number and level of talent, that does in fact exist here, rises to the top. And the man knows talent when he sees it. His team of stylists, hair + makeup and others, are among the best in the city. But he knows that it takes hard work and dedication, (and time) to make it, and to be successful and recognized for your work, and while it’s not a New York, it’s still a wonderfully diverse and progressive thinking culture of people, whom we both believe are ready for things like high-end fashion, high-end and risk-taking production and concepts, and things like

Cheers to Anton Papich. One of the creative photographic forces in this town, helping lay the foundation for hopefully, years to come for the collection of us artists, to build and grow upon.

For more information about Anton + Prehn, visit their website.