Looking for an exclusive place to go to this weekend, without the necessarily being on any sort of guest list or “friend of a friend”? This Saturday, Asahra Music recording artists Yoko K featuring Kolai on Sax and Flute, will be providing a DJ set at Washington’s newest yet-to-be-discovered spot, “The Space”. Located by the Convention Center downtown, The Space is a loft-style lounge, that while still in it’s infancy, is giving customers a raw, yet cosy and sophisticated locale that’s sure to be on the lips of DC’s creative newbies, elite and emerging young professional crowd for the foreseeable future. Also this weekend, while the weather still hasn’t hit it’s November stride, it’s a great time to check out the 2nd floor loft bar and cigar lounge leading to the Private Roof Deck. So come by 9th and N. St. NW, (903 N. St. NW) and mingle with this eclectic creative group this coming Saturday. Or any day for that matter, and join the growing collection of district creatives in a comfortable and elegant setting. -kk

{*Side note. The website for The Space does mention exclusivity in the form of membership applications, but in the process of emerging as a premier nightspot, it’s not yet necessary to fill out all the paperwork, and that’s especially true for this coming Saturday nite.}