Raise a toast, a major credit card, and a sense of the holiday season with me, and celebrate the long awaited launch of soon-to-be local legend, Paula Mendoza’s website! Boy oh boy, was it worth the wait. (in gold!)
Mendoza’s creations have been adorning everyone lately, from the necks of diplomats and other political figures, to the ears of celebrities, right down to all of the above-average beautiful DC women, who want a unique and fresh customized designs. Using the mantra of making every woman more beautiful, her work is instantly recognizable and her design aesthetic is one of true creativity, and passion.
Having only been here in DC for a fairly short time, she has built her reputation on her work and her dedication to the craft. She’s also recognized that DC is in fact, quite the creative town, and like many others that are featured on DistrictCreatives.com, thinks that it’s standing right at the cusp, and is ready to become a centerpiece for a larger artists movement.
So, as mentioned earlier, raise a glass and toast the newest member of districtcreatives, and grab a cup of morning (or afternoon) coffee, and check out her new site, her new line, and her next step in becoming one of this city, (and country’s) newest jewel.