Happy Hump Day everybody! You know what the middle of the week means… Shameless Self-Promotion Wednesday. (Because I am a DistrictCreative too, you know.)

So last month, I was in Nice, on a half business/half pleasure trip. I decided to take a few days and tour around the Cote D’Azur. My travels took me from Nice to Monaco, to Eze, to all over the place, and while I don’t want to sit here and give you a “This Is My Trip To The South Of France” slideshow, I personally feel like these images are good for something, (perhaps larger prints, gallery works, book deal, xmas gifts for that friend you know who owns a French restaurant, um, xmas gifts for that friend who you know always wanted to go to Nice, er… kwanzaa gifts… um, er… stocking stuffers?)

Anyways, the point I’m trying to get at is, take a look at the stuff from France, and then take a look at other galleries, and let me know how many orders I need to start placing for your holiday shopping list… um, I mean, let me know what you think. All feedback can be emailed to kevin.koski@gmail.com.

And thanks for taking a look. All joking aside, I truly appreciate it. -kk