So many Holiday parties, so few tuxedo t-shirts to choose from and wear… So tragic.

The thing about those mass produced tees that you can get at an Urban Outfitters, with those catchy saying and retro characters, is that not only can anyone buy one, but almost everyone can understand the concept behind a gigantic “FRANKIE SAYS RELAX” shirt. I present to you, Archipun.

Started 4 years ago by college roomates, Kevin Johnson, (not this Kevin Johnson) and Joel Chappo, Archipun was born. They began printing architecture-related sayings on t-shirts basically for beer money, selling them to kids in their architecture studio. Since graduating from Ball State in Muncie Indiana, Chappo moved to LA and Johnson moved to DC. According to Johnson, “We have done a few runs of shirts for friends and coworkers, but never really ‘released’ them. We’ve done pre-orders of shirts in the winter and spring the last couple years of the most popular sayings. We have about 20 different ones but only print 6 to 8 of them.” So we know what that means… Limited. Edition. Tees. …Awesome.

And truthfully, I apologize to Kevin Johnson for not getting this post up earlier. He’s another one of the District’s truly creative types, and he had mentioned something about “pre-orders having to be in by Dec 3.”… However, should you want one of these great, unique humor tees, you can still contact -kk