A performance about how much someone hates their job.

A 75 minute, one man Star Wars trilogy.

30 plays in 60 minutes.

Sound interesting? I mean, anyone can go spend 12 bucks on a Hollywood blockbuster these days, but c’mon now…

I know it’s the holidays, and everyone has their holiday parties …and their shopping… and all of those other responsibilities during this season, but if you get a free moment, and you’re looking for an amazing and interesting time, shoot downtown to DC’s establishing “theater district” and check out the Wooly Mammoth Theatre. Established almost 30 years ago, they opened their doors on the permanent residence a few years back, and have been performing award winning material with some of DC’s most creative theatrical forces. While you’re in the area, swing by the annual Holiday Market, right by the portrait gallery. A lot of the creative talent in this town have booths set up, and they provide wonderful and unique gift ideas. Look at that – Double whammy in this post! Wooly Bully indeed. : ) -kk