So… If you’ve been keeping track at home, it seems like I’ve been on permanent vacation since returning from the overseas trip, right? Yea, well, too bad. Things have been busier than Macy’s, the Sunday before xmas, for me. I will promise you, in the meantime, that after this little 2 week excursion back home, (Cape Cod) District Creatives will be back and better than ever. New posts, new profiles, new people, new writers, new photos, the whole she-bang! To me, this little experient is starting to work, and I intend on seeing it thru, because if the past 5 months have shown me anything, it’s that this city is ready to explode on the creative/art scene, and make a name for itself, in 2008. So, I want to thank everyone who has been involved in this process since late July, and promise that this is just the beginning as we move towards 2008. (Who writes stuff like this?!) : ) Happy holidays to all, and a happy and creative New Year! -kk