There’s always going to be something about the appreciation I have for a local artists making good. Not just “good”, like good – “they made some money and gave back to the community” good, and not just “good” like – “hit it big with some sort of niche-poppy song that gets a little bit of airplay” good. I’m talking like, “good work, good skills, good music, good appreciation, good all around.” After careful investigation, I believe Laura Tsaggaris is doing good. Rather, is doing great.

Armed with a guitar, an amazingly produced and performed album, a voice & songwriting skills that reach beyond her contemporaries, and a desire to follow a dream, Washington DC’s own, (by way of transplant, similar to the 78 billion others from Pittsburgh, living here now…) Laura Tsaggaris is gearing up to hit that foreign stretch of land also known as “the west coast” in support of her 2005 album “Proof”, and in preparation for the anticipated release of new material for an album in 2008. (That, by the way, was the longest run-on sentence in the history of the English language. Thanks for noticing.) She’s received praise for the initial release of the album, and has been touring the area locally for some time now, and is making a push in 2008, to bring her sound to a wider audience. (Which in my completely unprofessional opinion sounds like a wonderful assortment of Aimee Mann/Nick Drake/Regina Spektor/Counting Crows/and Ani Difranco all hanging out at a party. But then again, I’m just a photographer. What do I know…) Anywhoo, Laura’s got a few more gigs around here for the next few weeks, including Wonderland Ballroom, and Bistro Europa, in Alexandria, but you better catch her now, as she’ll be gone west, south, north, and all points in between, for the better part of the next few months. And when she comes back all famous and stuff, so she totally won’t remember all of us, maybe. If you run into her before though, say hi, and support local artists by buying her albums on on iTUNES! PROOF (2005), EP (2001), at CD baby, and check out the myspace page for touring info and all things relative.

Oh, and for what it’s worth, it’s pronounced – (suh-GAIR-iss) : ) -kk