So, I got this crazy idea, late last year. I thought to myself, “Self, why not provide a service of graphic design, in print, web, and multi-media avenues? Hell, I do enough of it, under the heading of ‘kevinkoskiPHOTO’! And my boy Mark does a boat load of his own…”. So, without further ado, I present to the viewing public, the Voltron-esque combination and collaboration of ideas, and powers between Mark Sanchez, an amazing and uber-creative head, (and, a soon-to-be-moving-to-the-DC-area-and-therefore-district-creative) and myself – March Forth Design. Check it out! The website is fully operational, the work is there, and we expect to be completely up and running (read; in the same time zone.) in a matter of weeks. …Well, at least before pitchers and catchers report for spring training. Go Sox! : ) -kk