In preparation of next week’s rockin’ poster event, this profile only seemed logical. With a slight amount of ado, I present to you, literally one of DC’s Brightest Young Things, photographer Joel Didriksen.

A jack-of-all-trades, Joel has been managing, working along side, and is himself, one of DC’s more creative folk for the past few years, doing it all from running a bar and bartending, to managing local musicians, to now, becoming an amazing and inspiring photographer, and working directly with one of Washington’s more exciting (and legitimately interesting) blogs, BrightestYoungThings.  Having knowledge of the craft to begin with, a few years back, Didriksen turned to friend, (and fellow SCAD alum…. well, “fellow” to me, anyways) Mike Benson, of Cafe St-Ex, Bar Pilar, (and possibly the coolest guy in the Mid-Atlantic states) , for tips and tricks of the trade, and a friendship was born. Joel took his skillset and applied his craft to shooting bands, on stage, in the studio, set up, inpromtu, and all sorts of ways, and in doing so, has created a style all his own, beautiful, haunting, original and inspiring. Check out some of his stuff here, here, and here.

Seriously, this guy does great work, so if you’re a musician, or an artist, or someone who wants some great work, and you’re here in DC, check out his stuff, and let him know what’s up.

Oh, and while we’re talking about rock’n’roll, (nice turn-of-phrase, grandpa) GO to the opening of Sweet! tomorrow. Not that I’m telling you to go, and there’ll be consequences, but seriously, what else are you doing on a Wednesday nite. -kk

Oh, and apologies all around for the delay on making some of these posts. Seems like a brotha can’t get one quiet minute these days, what with all the weeping I’m doing lately for my beloved Patriots putting up a poo-poo platter of a game on Sunday. Ugh. Congrats to the Giants and their oh-so-loyal fan base. … (*weeping silently in corner…)