The Source by Wolfgang Puck

I would like to say that I have gracefully aged a year of life, and turned 30 yesterday. For my celebration, I decided to sell out. Yea, I know, I know… all this talk and writing about under-appreciated artists and what have you. Yea, I know I haven’t written anything about any person or thing creative in the past few weeks. Yea, I know Ted Leonsis hasn’t written me that 2.3mil check for the legal rights to (Offer still stands Mr. L.) {Sidebar, I think it’s awesome that he has a blog!} But you know what? I’ve been busy. I’ve been working on some amazing projects, a lot of photo work, and assisting with the launching of the design house, marchforth | DESIGN. So, for the birthday celebration, I decided that all my hard work and the fact that I recently went professional in Tiger Woods 2008, Wii golf, I would reward myself with a few great, new restaurants. And lucky for me, they’re both under the heading of “creative food/chefs/design/etc” in the district, so I present to you, 2 quick DC foodie reviews.

-The Source, by Wolfgang Puck, 575 Penn Ave. NW – is, as you would expect, amazing. Nestled in the back of the brand-spankin-new, (and yet to be opened) Newseum off of Penn Ave, the exterior of the location was what really caught my eye. I’ve been on assignment downtown shooting architecture for a client, and I’ve been in that area for a few days now, and the exterior is a clean, classy eye-grabber that allows you right into the restaurant, which in fact is just as pretty with clean lines, and lots of glass. Opting for just cocktails this evening, I can assure you that no detail was left unchecked as the entire aesthetic from menu design to the signature cocktails, to the extremely attentive service, everything was as you would expect from as famous a chef as Puck. Overall, once Leonsis writes me said check, I’d love to go back and have at their extensive menu, but alas, we were off to the next spot. {Side-note – Gigantic kudos to the design staff in this restaurant, for notably adding space at the end of the bar for a lower bar, and no seats, as to accommodate handicapped patrons. Well done.}

Proof, 775 G. St. NW  – From the fact that it hadn’t started down pouring yet, to the perfect, right-up-front parking spot, (thank you parking Gods) to the fact that we actually got reservations at 9pm!, you could tell that this was going to be exceptional. Interior decor spared no expense in the details of all the inner workings of the restaurant. Walls of wine racks made simple dividers into separations of art & grapes. And oh yea, the food was incredible. Chef Haidar Karoum’s menu is a flawless piece of culinary creative brilliance, and while every single thing on there looked good, there was no way that Chelsea & I weren’t going to try the charcuterie board. (seeing as we’re both connoisseurs by now) An expanse of meats and cheeses came to our table and all were perfectly cured and paired with incredible wines and spirits. There’s something right about what’s going on over at Proof, and I credit the staff from the top on down to the bottom, on the incredible and indelible experience of creative cuisine.

Now, however, I am in my 30’s, and I seem to have to hit the gym after last night, but both spots are very much district creatives approved. So happy birthday to me! -kk