Sooooooooooooooo, a long-delayed apology to the readers of this blogsite. As the kids say, I’ve been “slackin’ on my pimpin'” lately, and to those of you who rely on this site for your news and info for everything creative in DC… c’mon, we all know that there’s better stuff out there. : ) No, I’ve been neglecting this project, and moving forward, I will do my best to make more of an effort to post more often. That being said, peep the new and improved district creatives in the next few weeks. We got new content, new contributors, new layouts, new reviews, new profiles, and new stuff. Because as everyone I’ve spoke to over this long winter has been saying, Washington DC is on the cusp of change and newfound art notoriety, and I want to be able to tell everyone that we were here first. So, enjoy the last regular week of DC normality before the Cherry Blossoms turn this town into a circus, (although Barnum & Baileys will be doing that too, at Verizon this weekend) and have a great Monday. Check back in later this week for new stuff! -kk