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Alright. I’ll admit it. I slept on Wale just a little bit. At first, I heard the go-go beats and didn’t really listen to the songs because I thought, like those before him, that his act was a hack. And then I was proven completely, totally, and unequivocally wrong.

DC Native, and a true creative force in the District, Wale, (pronounced “Wah-lay”) has been a force on the underground hip-hop scene for a few years now. …Although, when I think about it, that would also be foolish of me to say “underground” as the skills that Wale has shown, has put him on tracks with super-producer Mark Ronson, and gotten him airplay with Hot97, in NYC. What Wale does, is combine thought conscious lyrics, and original beats, while still making hot-danceclub and radio tracks. At the same time, he’s paying homage to his DC roots and using a lot of go-go beats and arrangements within his music, and that alone put him head and shoulders above his contemporaries, who are merely making radio hits. {I’m looking in your direction, Lil’ Wayne!!}

Below is a link to the track “Rediscover Me”. A gigantic shout out to another DC creative, Peter Rosenberg and the obscure hours he works now, at HOT97. He played this track during his, jeez…. 1-3am, (I think) shift, (Sunday night) a few weeks ago, and it’s been on repeat on my iPod since. The link to the song is free*, and while I don’t condone stealing* music on the net, this one is worth it. And since I can’t find it anywhere else, (myspace, website, under a rock, etc) here it is. Download it, and (goddammit if this weather would ever cooperate!) put the top down, and make this track #1 on your summer mix CD that you bring to the beach, or wherever. With a summer of touring all over the planet, including a bunch of Rock the Bells dates, this guy is destined for bigger things, and you can say your heard him when… -kk

Wale – Rediscover Me