Alright, so last summer I had the opportunity to meet/photograph a man who’s assisted, (whether he knew it or not) and inspired the whole DistrictCreatives movement for me; Downtown DC resident and internationally acclaimed artist Tim Tate. And so what did I do? I took the photographs, (for another client) but unfortunately, they never ended up publishing them, on account of deadlines/pages/etc/yaddayadda/whatever. Great assignment though, and it was all good. Then, a few days later, I get a call to go on assignment overseas, and within a week, I’m swamped with editing 2400 images for the next few weeks. And so these shots, and this major man and story in the DC art scene went by the wayside. Yea, so… My bad. So, it’s been stewing in the crockpot that is my brain, and you know what? Ehhh, it’s done. A little seasoning, and here we go. : )

Tim Tate exemplifies the DC artist at his/her best. He’s someone who’s in touch with the entire art community, and while he’s exhibited here in the area and is widely respected for such, he’s also displayed around the country, and throughout the world. He’s best known for his work with glass and mixed media, but whatever the palette he’s working with is, he makes it uniquely his own, and is instantly recognized for his personal and intimate views and work with his pieces. He’s a professional artist, but he’s also a teacher of the craft, using his skills to educate everywhere from the Smithsonian to schools in Istanbul and beyond. When we spoke, (from what I recall, ((and I apologize Tim, if I’m not recalling correctly))) Tate believes in the same type of thought process that most of us artists do here in the District, in that this city is a great, amazing, international city that’s on the cusp of having it’s time in the sun, and soon will being recognized for all the fantastic artists that reside here, and the work that they produce.

I humbly apologize for the delay on this, and hope that if you haven’t heard of Tim Tate, check out the website, or see his work at the next available gallery show. People like Tim help me keep the dream alive, as an artist. And People like him, make me think that DC, as a worldly recognized “art” city and the people inside it, is that much closer. -kk