It’s the mosssssst wonderful tiiiiiiimmmmme…of the year….. : ) It is that time of year again. The weather is nice again, (right before it gets uncomfortably hot), your taxes are finally done, (and you’re waiting for that sweeeeeeet $600 GWB hooked you up with), and weekends like this last one are having us all, on a Monday morning, look 5 days ahead to check out what’s going on this coming weekend.  Well, instead of a weekend, how about a full 28 days of art filled activity? Artomatic is back, and starting May 9 thru June 15 you will have the opportunity to view a thousand different artists, across multiples of media, right downtown. Artomatic is THE most prominent displays of art in the District all year, and if you have but one creative bone in your body, it’s your duty to check it out.  Check back here this week for profiles of some of the creatives involved in this wonderful tour-de-force of art.

1200 First Street, N.E.,
(Corner of First and M Streets)