Four day work weeks got you down? Hoping for that 5pm “WORK WEEK OVER” bell to ring so you can Fred Flintstone it outta your K. Street offices? (Who am I kidding, most of my readership are ‘funemployed’!!!) Coldplay tickets at the big phone booth downtown too much for these (thank you for the nightly reminders Brian Williams) harsh economic times? Then why not rock out locally this weekend… ??? Since the Nats are out of town this weekend, why not venture to that other up and coming area of DC, “H. Street, NE“. Here’s my pick o’ the week. Rock And Roll Hotel, Saturday night – Go see a bunch of bands you probably haven’t heard of, but maybe you should – “Velvet”, “Wait Till Friday”, and a personal favorite of the District Creatives readership, Michael Jantz & The Davenports. Recently, Mike has released an EP called “Live at Jims”, and early acclaim has come in droves. Kevin Koski, of calls it, “…a summertime, back yard BBQ soundtrack if there ever was one…” …OK, so I’m lazy and I have no time to look for all of this acclaim I’m hailing, but I’m telling you, the new EP is a rock and roll romp and a great sound, and it all translates to the live show beautifully.
SO, let’s recap here. No Nats in town. Money is all spent on gas and food, (and according to Brian Williams, “SPAM” too) and you want a great live show? Rock And Roll Hotel, Saturday night. And let’s get one thing clear – This is not an advert for anyone. These are hard working artists working in the community, doing what they love – SUPPORT LOCAL ART! : ) -kk