The evolution of art is a constantly changing process unto itself. While art and commerce go hand in hand, the ability to get your artwork and vision to the audience in a new and exciting way is the way artists are moving forward in their field. Enter AM Radio.

For the better part of 10 years, AM Radio has been, and continues to be,  an artist collective that puts on shows by painting 7′ x 5′ murals in front of  live audiences while their dj spins music. They’ve already put on shows for the likes of Scion, Adidas, Converse and Current TV.  In addition to these awe-inspiring pieces, the group as a whole, is a full-service design/marketing/PR juggernaut, with the ability to market your company as big or small as you like. And, as a small, local group, you get a kind of intimate attention to detail that one is usually looking for in presenting a gigantic idea.

In a day and age where more people are more concerned with beating graphic ideas into the heads of consumers, this group of District Creatives are more into the finer, performance part of art, and making your ideas and company stand out, and as they say, “something rare”.  -kk

-Manny Blocker   |  The Tastemakers Society