Why? Why you ask? Because I’m busy, dammit! I got stuff going on man. : ) Besides the photo stuff, the design stuff, the other stuff, and the pimping of this here site, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy indeed. So, check it out – Here’s a handful of things that I’ve been working on, working with, intrigued by, and keeping busy with. It’s the Friday “Quick Hitters”. Enjoy!

The Washington Kastles – Nats ticket prices got you down? Looking for a sport to watch for the summer that doesn’t include lacrosse balls or long treks to RFK to watch pseudo-Beckhams? Check out our new local WTT team, playing RIGHT downtown. Remember that big old parking lot? The one divided by that little walkway? Well, tons of asphalt later, the western side has been transformed into a top rate centre court for the District, and during the month of July the likes of Kournakova, McEnroe, and Serena will take part in a fiercely competitive version of tennis. It’s a wonderfully creative way to spend an early July evening. (You know I had to get “creative” in there somewhere.)

Dr. Granville Moore’s Gastropub – A large part of me doesn’t want to write this post. That large part is worried that the greatest bar in the District is going to become the new “it” place in DC.  Oh well… Here we go… Located on the 1200 block of the revival we like to call ‘H. St. NE’, the place has more history than I care to digress about. Expecially when the WashPost can do it better. But trust me, this place is it. As an added bonus, every once in a while, you get a really great setting for live music, featuring…

Laura Tsaggaris – To me, the premier singer-songwriter in the area. I saw her live last week and while she’s working on the new album, (due in September), (please donate to the cause) you can get a chance to see her new material, every other week or so, at GM’s. Trust me, it’s all well worth it. The girl does a mean live cover of Rhianna’s “Umbrella…ella…ella…ella…eh…eh…eh….” : )

So that’s it. That’s all I have going right now. I’ll leave you with this. The AFI in Silver Spring still has SILVER DOCS | 2008 Festival going on. Check it out, and check out my local, long-lost-and-doesn’t-know-it-yet uncle Ted (Leonsis) and “Kicking It”. Here’s a preview.