\"Corked\" - kevinkoskiphoto 2008

It’s getting closer. The oncoming war between wine bars is ON… and I do take bribes. : )

I’m not sure when it opened its doors, but wow, what a place. About a week ago, by better half and I, (both agreeing that we “needed” wine, after our respective weeks), ventured out to Cork, a new wine bar and restaurant over on 14th Street. And when it was all (4 glasses later) said and done, we both agreed that it’s one of the most impressive restaurants in the city*. (*-Now, when I say this, I’m not comparing Cork to Chef Geoff’s, Brass Beck, 1789, or anything that Jose Andres has touched, but I am saying that it stands alone in a lot of respects, and the personal and private intimacy that it allows you to have, is light years beyond any of the other mentioned spots downtown. I digress…) The service was professional and impeccable, and the food was superb. The entire menu seemed like a well thought out sample of what one should be eating with good wine, and you can tell the owners and managers had a solid knowledge of culinary creativity and expounded upon that notion.  Also, like many other wine bars in the city, they offer different sizes of wines if you’re interested in tasting, and (as if it were personally tailored for me) the night we were there, there was a “flight” or 3-glass tasting of rose. Sa-weet! Summer + rose = Happy Kevin. Regardless, try it for yourself. They have a great outdoor seating area, perfect for watching the world go by, as you sip your great wine. Needless to say, we’re going back this weekend. : ) -kk