The Black Angels

{image courtsey of, The Black Angels & Death Song Publishing Co.}

Let’s face it… Even though we’re a good 48hrs plus away from July 4th, All of the DC fat-cats have already skipped town.  Most are off to their “Wedding Crashers”-esque estate in the outter parts of oceanic facing MD, VA, or Del. But us? Us district creatives? We know better. We know that there are a few weekends, (most of which occurring in August) we have a full, and somewhat traffic free, run of the town. Downtown is a ghost town. Even places in Georgetown are not as crowded. Where am I going with this? I have absolutely no idea.

You see, I’m writing this while I’m listening to the Black Angels. Yes, the same Black Angels that will be appearing at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel this evening. Yes, that same R’n’R Hotel that’s been profiled on this site. Yes, that same area where I am going to eventually move to because it’s the only real spot left in this town for artists to live and work amongst their peers. Jeebus, I’m a rambling fool this morning. A round of apology shots from me. Sorry about this. You know what though? It’s staying up. “F-it, we’ll do it LIVE!” -Bill O’Reilly

Bottom line – Go see this band live. They rock hard. Influences and contemporaries include The Velvet Underground, BRMC, Floyd, Jesus & Mary Chain, Clinic, Verve, Joy Division, Syd Barrett, The Stooges, Bob Dylan, The Doors, The Beatles, LOVE, The Raveonettes and more. I’d also throw radiohead in there too. But it’s worth it. I haven’t been this fired up about a concert since the always wonderful and fantastic Marjorie Korn took me to go see the then relatively unknown Band of Horses at 9:30 club.  And besides, with no one left in town but us criminals artists, there’s virtually no crosstown traffic to complain about, heading out to H. St, (and one of the greatest venues to see a live show in the District) and therefore NO EXCUSE not to see these guys. -kk