Looking for ways to support local artists this weekend? Well swing by my house and drop off a suitcase of crisp, unmarked $100 bills. If you don’t want to do that, try some of these joints!


GO OUT!    Arlington Arts Center – Closing Party for “She’s So Articulate” Panel discussion 6-7pm, party runs till 10pm. Admission is frrrrrrreeeee. : )

ROCK OUT!    Rock & Roll HotelThe Vita Ruins / The Jaguar Club / More Human | Doors open at 8:30pm. All of the bands are great, but ‘Vita’ has got a great, Pete Yorn-meets-Bowie-meets-Simon LeBon vibe.  Local dudes.

SCREW IT, STAY IN!    Nationals v. Dodgers, 10:30pm MASN. Grab a bunch of High Life, kick back and watch the injury plagued Bowden boys battle Nomar, Derek Lowe, Grady Little and other Red Sox Dodgers players. Late-nite, west coast baseball! (I secretly enjoy Nats games…)


SLURP UP!    Ceviche – Glover Park,  A $20 cover buys samples of five different kinds of ceviche. (…which, I just realized was salad, not booze. No, I don’t have a drinking problem.) Festival to benefit the EduSemillas Program. Good food, good cause.

THEATRE IT UP!    Fringe Festival, Seemingly everywhere, until Sunday. (Downtown) Wayyyy to much to explain here, but you need to check it out. And take pictures. : ) For me.

WATCH OUT!   Safety warning for the weekend. Stay away from black convertible Corvettes.  /Novak’d.


Nothing. You need a day off, from supporting local artists. Watch the Sox/Yanks. (FYI, my twin brother pitches tonight)

MONDAY (it’s the summertime. 3 day weekends are required.)

Somewhere, someplace, around or about the CapHill area, there will be a concert. This show will feature Matt Nathanson. Details to follow. I’ll keep you posted.

And finally, I’ve been AWOL again. I know. Work that actually pays, (unlike mindless blogging) is a bitch. Last few weeks have been sprinkled with some of this –

and a buncha this…

…so who knows what’s next?

Support Local Art. -kk