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Ever have an insatiable passion for something? And no matter how many times someone tells you that you can’t/shouldn’t do something, you still do it? I think former Bethesda resident, and now current Hot97 radio personality Peter Rosenberg actually created the definition of what that is. And so, from here forth, whenever someone tells you that you shouldn’t be doing something, and yet you pursue it anyways, and you actually succeed beyond what anyone thinks is possible, you’re “Rosenberging”.

Peter Rosenberg got his start, (to me, the listener) on WJFK, a few years back, but his brand of hip-hop/political/topical talk show never really grabbed listeners like he thought it would. So he left, but kept pursuing his niche, knowing that somewhere along the line, someone would want what he does. So, odd jobs from being a YouTube celeb for his obvious hatred for Duke basketball, ((NSFW)) (UMD grad) to working as a personality on DC-based XM Radio, to DJ-ing at a Burger King in Adams Morgan. (yes. a Burger King) That was how the man kept going. That, and podcasts, and just staying hungry and true to his craft.

Somehow, some way, after a few years of kicking around, last summer, Hot97 up in NYC, gave him a late night, (llllllaaaaaaaaaaate night, 1-3am Sunday) slot, where Rosenberg had the ability to talk about what he wanted, play what he wanted, and do essentially whatever he wanted. Whether it was honoring the late J-Dilla with tribute after tribute, talking about his other passion, (WWE wrestling) or even getting the access to interview high ranking guests in the hip hop community, Rosenberg had stayed true to his vision of what he thought people wanted to hear, and last week he was rewarded with an amazing opportunity. As of July 21st, Hot97 gave Rosenberg and fellow personality Cipha Sounds a morning timeslot (5-7am) weekdays on the radio. I don’t think that has sank in yet.

Hot97, one of the most recognized hip-hop radio stations on the planet, gave Bethesda’s own, Peter Rosenberg, weekday mornings 5-7am. WJFK didn’t want him. Other radio stations didn’t want him. Hell, after a while, Burger King didn’t want him. But he knew what he did would appeal to someone, and Hot97 was the place.

I know this seems like a whole lot of man-love for a dude who won’t even return an email, or a myspace request, but it’s kind of like when you see a kid from the neighborhood playing ball, and you think that at a young level, he’s not there yet, but he’s got tons of potential. It’s kind of like that, and it’s great to see someone who loves real music, real hip-hop, and real talk to go out there and get it himself. Respect and props to you Mr. Rosenberg. Good luck in the future. And even though you’re big-time NYC now, you’re still a creative from the District, and I applaud your efforts. -kk