Tyson Gay? Alicia Sacramone? Lebron James? Has anyone else noticed that a lot of Americans have been spending some serious time in China lately. Well, a few DC residents were there about a month before this whole, “Beijing” thing started. You may have heard of them . . . Matt Sesow, and Dana Ellyn. : ) This coming Saturday is the long view gallery opening of their 3 week trek through the Asian country, and their documentation of their travels. Swing by, and have a look at some of the new work from two of the most innovative and exciting artists in the District.

Dana Ellyn and Matt Sesow
“Made in China”
August 16, 2008 – September 20, 2008
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 16, 6pm to 9pm

Press Release –

China is in the news a lot these days. While garnering fewer reports of its widespread human rights violations and environmental woes, it is mostly making headlines with heartwarming stories anticipating the 2008 Olympic Games in the capital city of Beijing. With tensions high and the excitement building for the Olympics, Dana Ellyn and Matt Sesow packed up and headed to China for 3 weeks, documenting their journey on canvas and paper.

Dana Ellyn’s work demonstrates a risk-taking vision, strong content and a colorful critique of social morality – perfect for traversing the complicated culture of China. Her paintings are often inspired by news stories and current events which allow for an immediate connection to her work. Ellyn’s “Made in China” pieces run the gamut of Chinese figures, from street vendors to heads of state; even Mao couldn’t escape her brush!

Matt Sesow, one of D.C.’s premiere outsider artists, is a master portrayer of conflict. His work demands a reaction; his expressionist style comes across frantic, though his pieces feel resolved. Like Ellyn, Sesow’s work for the “Made in China” show focuses on figures he encountered while traveling around China, with the occasional chicken thrown in – a regular visitor in his work.