Ryan Leslie – Diamond Girl

Ok, yea he lives in Harlem… And yea, he grew up and went to school in Cali… And sure, he graduated from Harvard at 19… BUT, my man was BORN in DC, and so therefore by birth, the dude’s a district creative. And why wouldn’t we want to call R-Les one of our own? The man has been busy producing everything from Cassie’s “Me & U”, to working with Snoop, New Edition, and others. So, my a few degrees of seperation, voila! And so there’s 3 reasons why I’m posting this –

1) Hot track, great video, and genuine talent

2) It’s Friday… And I’m mailing in another post.

3) The album finally comes out on the 26th of August, after a long delay. Grab it, and support real music, and real musicians!