Headlining this Friday’s lineup at Rock ‘n Roll Hotel, is a local act making it’s triumphant return to the main stage. Go see them before you’re “that person” saying “weren’t those guys from around here??”, a few months from now when the main stage is possibly MSG.

Like other similar area bands, Once, Okay Twice take a veritable cornucopia of musical talents and influences, and make a sound all they’re own. Reggae, punk, indie, jam band, post-alt… it’s all there. It’s a wonderful sonic experience will all sorts of ingredients in the mix. In essence, it’s a pure and unique Washingtonian sound*, and you’ll be sorry you’ve missed it, if you’re not around this weekend.  (*-Ok, there’s no go-go in there. I’m sorry. I retract the statement.) They do rock though, so clear your Friday schedule, and rock out. : ) -kk