Ahhh, it seems like it was only last year that I was writing about Chris Rief… misspelling his name, commenting on his unique and beautiful style of photography… and now? Well now? NOW!!? Well now, the man has gotten his ducks in a row, and now has a legit business. Not that it wasn’t legit before… I mean, the man wasn’t taking photos and dealing illegal arms to the South American nation of Peru… or was he? Hmm. That was an awful lot of time in South America, Chris.


SO, the man-the myth, (-the Duke fan), Chris Rief now is established and has the website up and running and is eager to show you why he’s one of Washington DC’s newest art stars. Rief doesn’t just take photos, he creates a stylized art form that’s evokes memories of an older time when people used this thing called (apparently) “film”, and with old world style, and new age technology, he’s created an aesthetic all is own. Check out the website here, because if a group of people are going to put DC in the center of the art world for years to come, Chris Rief will be one of those people.

No more selling illegal weapons to the Peruvians, Ok Chris? Only photography.

{{Note, no Peruvians were harmed in the making of this post. Chris Rief is not an illegal trafficker of arms. If you see him with large black menacing cases, it’s only the multi-millions of dollars of Nikon equipment that the man is carrying.}}