(Photo: Undated handout) [PNG Merlin Archive] 

It would be very easy to write this post, and compare UK songstress Adele to her contemporaries. (Winehouse, Estelle, Duffy) Most have, and it’s a simple and logical progression… unless you actually listen to the music. 19 year-old Adele Adkins is a musicians musican, with a knock-down, drag-your-heart-thru-the-rainy-night-streets-of-London voice that soars over most of the amazing arrangements on her album, “19”.  But unlike the above mentioned artists, there’s no ‘stchick’ in the album as a whole. She seems as genuine and honest thru each of the 12 tracks, and the songs genres range from pop to soul, to bluesy neo-soul-ish.  And the best part is, she doesn’t appear as polished as some of the generic UK female singers that have come out lately. (Read: Duffy, -please stop force feeding us your music) …Dammit, I just realized that I wrote this post completely comparing her to others … I’m an idiot.

So, why am I writing about all of this? Well, she’ll be at 9:30 Club this coming Wednesday. If you’re not at the Nats game, watching Manny be Manny, or your not calling it an early night, on account of the kids first day of school or something crazy like that : ) … Head over there. From what I’ve heard, she gives a great live show, and it’s wonderful to support great artists that maybe aren’t on a huge label, with executives pushing out their music with reckless abandon. Sometimes the music speaks for itself. And hers does.-kk