Alright, I am not sure who you are, you clever person who works on the 2nd, (or 3rd) floor of the building at 1100 Vermont Ave, but you completely made my day.

Traffic is back to it’s normal horrific day-to-day operations here in DC, (Welcome back people who can’t stand the heat!) : ) and I’m out shooting for the Downtown DC B.I.D., this afternoon. It’s a casual Wednesday, and it’s nine-thousand degrees out. When all of a sudden… what should appear, but the character “Mega Man“, (of video game fame), made out of post it notes, and stuck to the window. : ) And!!!, he’s in a “level” in a game, trying to get to the top of the level, (the top of the building). to get to the Q-Bert game, on the 7th floor. : ) I love it!

Thank you random stranger(s). You made this pre-Hurricane Hannah-midweek day all that more special. Check the pix below. You’re an honorary member of the district creatives hall of fame.  -kk. (Not that “K.K.”, the other kk.)