Jodi King, Photo by Kevin Koski

Jodi King, Photo by Kevin Koski

One of the most distinctive features of fashion photography, (or any for that matter) is the narrative. And not many in this city tell a better story, than the photography of Jodi King. 

With a love for all of the arts, King’s career has and continues to take a circuitous route, but has given her all of the tools necessary to enjoy every aspect of what she does, and allows her to create masterpieces of photos, with various ranges of subjects. With job titles such as buyer, steamer, producer, assistant, stylist, model, and finally, “photographer”, there’s not much that exists out there, that King hasn’t done, and all of this experience shows in her works. Recently, she was a contributor and collaborated in designing and laying out The Space, on N. St NW, and has played an integral role in many things “art scene” in DC. But I believe that as the art scene in DC continues to expand and go, in the next few years I think that so will go the reputation and works of Jodi King. 

WIth a careful hand and attention to detail, King uses a classic style and combines a flair for the dramatic, in all of her shots. Having experience in front of the camera herself, she knows how to make subjects feel more than comfortable, and has no problem getting the most out of each shot. 

If you have a moment, take a look over at the website, and let me know what you think about one of the district’s truly creatives, Jodi King.  -kk