Rock. The Black Crows. 9:30 Club tonight! 

Seriously, if you look over the course of time, most blues-based rock band fall apart like stale cookies. I remember listening to The Black Crows in high school, and they’re still selling out shows in 2008. Moreover, I remember the Amorica cover as an incredible piece of “art” (?) and one of the many albums that came out that year, that started my facination with album artwork, as works of art themselves. I’m rambling now, (and I have an unusual affeciton for commas) I know, but check it out – Tonight, at 9:30, go out and put all the stresses of the working week behind you, because by the time you get out of there, it’s going to be Friday, and you only have one more work day. Rock out tonight. And let the cards fall where they may tomorrow. Oh, and something about district creatives. : )   -kk