Another day, another drop in the stock market. Another sunset, and another chunk of change is missing from your 401K. When and where will it end? Well, I’m no Jim Cramer, but here’s an investment that has stood the test of time, since long before the market, and hedge funds  – Art. 

Good art has been around since cave drawings, and while I’m not suggesting you haul your ass over to Lescaux, I am saying that an investment in good art will normally hold its value, whether it’s hard times for the economy, or it’s a bull market. Think about it, since the art world really has no governing body to tell it when something is over or under valued, you’ll never have to worry about the investor speculation tactics of the worlds financial stages. And, more times than not, your value will go up on a piece, when different things happen. (ie, the artist grows in popularity, the artist {godforbid} dies, the gallery burns down, other pieces are stolen, etc…) 

We are lucky, to be in Washington DC, the epicenter lately, of the modern world. The entire planet is looking at our area, in terms of the upcoming election, (Is that thing still going on?) and to take the lead in getting the financial markets back on track. Well, why not take advantage of the situation and the attention, and let’s put our great creative people on the forefront, and promote them by buying their amazing work, and telling others all across the nation, what we have to offer here in DC. 

So whether it’s a new album by your favorite artist, or a painting by your favorite painter, or photos by …well, me, artwork (and wine!) is a great investment in 2008 and 2009, because in a world where every 24 hours money grows and shrinks at an alarming rate, and you have no idea where it goes, you can hang an “investment” in your dining room / office / bedroom / study /etc, and feel good about checking  your own personal market every day. 

Buy Gud Art.

{it’s the movement.}