Hopefully, a weekend off from Obamamania has calmed us down… wait! He’s at the White House? Today?!! (hehehe…embarassingly schoolgirlish giggles…) Nevermind.

A handful of fantastic gallery openings are happening this weekend, so let’s get to it! 

 Pink Line Project and Ten Miles Square present Fixation at Fight Club, Friday at 8pm.

Conner Contemporary has an opening Friday night, 6-8pm.

Sunday, is an open house at Arlington Arts Center.

So get off your ass, stop raking leaves, and culture yourself, before it’s too late, and you can’t leave your house, or go anywhere in the city, as throngs of people flood the city for Obamastock in January. : ) 

Oh, and props to all who made the annual Knock Out Abuse/Fight Night gala such a success. The above photo is of recording artist Kevin Michael, who was the entertainment for the evening over at the Ritz. Great time, great cause, great event.   -kk